Our culture in America is constantly changing and ideologies seem to become increasingly polarizing. How do followers of Jesus respond and live in the midst of all this change? God is not overwhelmed by the complexities of this world. At times we can find ourselves up stream in a world of chaos fighting to stand firm in what we believe.  God’s Word never changes and His love has no end. By the power of the Holy Spirit we must stand firm in His love and at the same time love well. Pointing out faults, degrading or shaming people who don’t know any different changes nothing. It’s when our life represents what we believe and our actions represent why we believe that we become the influencers in culture not the other way around.   His divine plan works through men and women who will stand as an example of faith, compassion, integrity and honesty in a crooked and perverse age. God’s got our back, so as we walk through the book of Daniel let’s learn how to love graciously while remaining firm in our faith.