Meet Bob and Susie Horn

We asked Bob and Susie a few questions to help you get to know them better. We also have provided answers to questions you may have about our search and selection process and Bob’s role at Hope Tri-Cities. 

1. When will Bob start? September 1. Bob and Susie will be introduced on Sunday, July 28 and Bob will also be preaching on Sunday, August 18.

2. What part of the community will the Horns live? Bob and Susie are currently looking at homes in Horn Rapids in North Richland. Please pray for them as they narrow their choices and find the right home!

3. What are the details for any special events surrounding the new pastor so the congregation can meet him or her? We’ll create some great ways to help the Horns feel welcome. We can help them move into their new home. We can hold a special BBQ after service on the 28th of July and/or the 18th of August. Bob will need office equipment, maybe a decent chair and stationary. We’ll keep you posted on how you can help.

4. What was the process the pastor search team went through to find our new pastor? There are two ways to answer this: The first and most important is the God component to this story, which we’ll allow Bob to share how God called the Horns to the Tri-Cities and Hope. The other is simple: I’ve been looking for an Executive Pastor for the past five years. Our council and leadership team have been preparing in the event the person came along. When I learned Bob was looking, I alerted our council and leadership team, we conducted several interviews and gatherings with the Horns and as of last week Bob signed our official offer letter.

5. What will Bob’s primary areas of responsibility be? As Executive Pastor, Bob will wear multiple hats. His main role will be to run church operations (administrative goals accomplished), strategic planning (help create plans along with staff, leaders and council, to best help us reach the lost, continue to create community, continue to develop avenues for people to grow in their faith, and help us in equipping the church to make a lasting impact). Bob will also get to do some things he’s passionate about, helping reach and lead young adults in our church.

6. Will any changes take place in the life of our church during this transition? Any kind of transition of this magnitude will naturally create change in the life of a church. I believe this kind of transition will only create more connectivity, more community, and more effective ministry. But like any transition, the initial shock of it can cause confusion, and or more questions. For example, I’m going to have Bob preach up to half the time for the first few months. Another change and possible difficulty is the reality that Bob will be (for lack of better words) 2nd in charge of the church, this might be difficult at first for some, but again, I believe this kind of change will create a healthier, stronger church.

7. What is their family like? Bob and Susie have two young adult children. Kyle (23) is a student at Capilano University in North Vancouver, BC studying animation. Bethany (21) is on staff at Church of Living Water (Foursquare) in Olympia, WA as the Creative Arts Admin and is also a student at Northwest University.

8. What are Bob and Susie passionate about in ministry? Bob has a strong passion and calling to disciple young adults and most recently was the young adults pastor at Eastside Foursquare Church and directed the internship program for young adults. Susie has a deep love for Children’s Ministry and leading kids in worship. She also is a preschool teacher and taught 3 and 4 year olds at a Christian school in Bothell.

9. What was Bob’s role at his previous church? Bob served for many years at Eastside Foursquare Church (Bothell, WA) as their Communications Director doing graphic design, video production, web, and social media. For the past 5 years, he has been an Associate Pastor overseeing adult discipleship, small groups, young adults, and the internship program.

10. What do they like about Hope Tri-Cities? Bob and Susie have been really impressed by the people of Hope Tri-Cities passionate worship, love for their community, and desire to reach those who feel far from God. 

11. What do they think about the Tri-Cities area? The Horns had never visited Tri-Cities until this year! They love the people, the sunshine, the rivers, and the easier pace. They look forward to discovering many more things to love about the Tri-Cities!

12. How long have they been married? Bob and Susie have been married 26 years. 

13. What are their hobbies and interests? Bob is an avid runner and cyclist and has done several triathlons. He’s also into CrossFit. Susie is a REFIT instructor, scrapbooker, and they both enjoy travel and discovering new places and enjoy drinking coffee together.

14. How can we be praying for the Horns? Pray for their home in Bothell to sell quickly and for a great price. Pray that they find the right home in Richland that will be great for ministry and in a neighborhood where the Lord can use them. Pray for lots of peace as they prepare to leave friends and family where they’ve lived for 20 years. 

if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!