Details for Parents of MS/HS Students


What happens in Collide?

Collide Youth (6th grade to 12th grade) meets on Sunday morning during the main Hope Tri-Cities service. Our students worship in the sanctuary with the adults, then after worship, they head downstairs into the Collide “Den” (pictured below) for their own teaching.

Our typical Collide service looks like this:

  1. Welcome, announcements & event updates

  2. A quick game/trivia to bring the group together

  3. 15-20 minute teaching time

  4. Corporate Prayer and individual prayer requests

  5. (Communion on the first Sundays)

  6. “Squad” Breakouts (details below)

  7. Release about the time the main service ends (usually they’re so into their discussions, we have to tell them families are waiting!)

What are “Squads”?

Its our term for small groups, where students group by class (ie. 6th graders together, 7th graders together, etc.) This smaller group format allows for more direct discipleship and discussion. Each Squad has dedicated leaders that are committed to that age group year around.

Our adult Squad leaders are also connecting with, engaging and encouraging their students regularly through the year via whatever connection we have available (text, facebook, email, etc.)

Our Squad/Youth Leaders are trained and equipped to build relationships and become a trusted elder for spiritual and moral support. Leaders are constantly in prayer for their students and always finding unique ways to engage students all year (coffee, bowling, movies, etc.)

My student has mentioned “rooted”, What is it?

Rooted is a ten-week journey most students (and adults) at HOPE have gone through. It is not a “class”, but rather, more of a highly-focused and powerful study and discipleship experience that brings us individually closer to Jesus through intense study of scripture, quality time experiencing God’s love for us and his presence with us through his Holy Spirit. Its also a powerful time of bonding where students connect with their peers and share with transparency their challenges, questions and experiences.

Through sharing their stories and diving into biblical answers together through the lens of love, students learn they are not alone and that God SPEAKS when we are wiling to listen. They learn that in addition to their own families, there is an extended family, a community of believers that care for them and love them unconditionally - the Body of Christ.

What Events Can My Student Look Forward To?

Individual “Squads” spend the most time together as small groups. They often set up coffee gatherings, outings like bowling or movies, etc. Additionally, the overall Collide Student Ministry hosts a summer-long series of events, we call “Friday Night Live”, where every Friday night, we have a unique experience prepared. This includes things like paint wars, game nights, 100-foot slip n’ slide, glow party, etc. All summer, the entire Friday Night Live series is completely FREE! It’s our way of providing exciting events for students in a safe and protected environment.

We also schedule smaller events through the year and provide notice of those here on the Hope website and on our Collide Facebook page.

Lastly, we do try to gather for at least one student conference per year, something that gets them out connecting with the larger Body of Christ and inspires them to dive deeper in their walk with Jesus.