A positive alternative and wide mix of playlists that are constantly updated and growing! Use the links below to add Collide Youth playlists to your Spotify. All music is vetted and reviewed for content. Enjoy!

Pop Hits.png

Pop Music Playlist

Today's hottest hits, currated every week with new music for this generation.

Urban Mix.png

Hip-Hop Playlist


EDM Mix.png

Electronica & Dance Playlist

The beat drops here... Guaranteed to get you moving, this playlist is for those who want to FEEL their music! 

Worship Mix.png

Modern Worship Playlist

Some of our favorite songs to stop, reflect, soak and love on Jesus!

Indie Mix.png

Independent Playlist

These artists may not be a household name, but their talent and music speaks for itself... Updated weekly, enjoy amazing tracks from Jesus-loving artists.